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2022 Mid-Autumn Festival Symposium and New Semester Safety Education Meeting with Foreign Teachers

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On September 9, 2022, Mid-Autumn Festival Symposium and New Semester Safety Education Meeting with Foreign Teachers and Students was held in the 7th conference room of Houde Building. Vice President Li Yongping attended the Meeting and delivered his speech.

On behalf of school, Li Yongping extended festive greetings and blessings to foreign teachers and students, and expressed sincere thanks to foreign teachers for their hard work in teaching and scientific research, and for strictly abiding various epidemic prevention measures during the epidemic. He pointed out that in the first half of this year, teachers and students of the school adhered to both epidemic prevention and control and career development, and the school's work achieved practical results.

The year of 2022 is an important year for the implementation of the school's "14th Five-Year Plan". It is a critical period for the school to promote high-quality development and build a high-level application-oriented university. The school is planning to hire more foreign teachers and train more students with international vision and communication skills. The school will also provide foreign teachers with better living conditions and treatment, so that everyone can live and work comfortably in Dezhou University. He emphasized that foreign teachers are an important part of our school's teaching staff and an important driving force for the school's international development. He hoped that foreign teachers could give full play to their professional advantages, be brave in pioneering, and continue to make new achievements in teaching and scientific research, and contribute more to the development of our school. He hopes that all foreign teachers and students will more actively participate in the experience of China's excellent traditional culture, and be friendly messengers of educational and cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries. In the new semester, everyone should continue to keep in mind the principle of safety first, strictly abide by Chinese laws, regulations, various school rules and regulations, continue to strictly implement various measures for epidemic prevention and control, improve their own safety awareness, and create "everyone participates in safety". Everyone attaches importance to safety and creates a good atmosphere for a safe campus.

The foreign teacher representative, Tatiyana expressed her love for China and Dezhou University with a Chinese poem. She expressed her sincere thanks to the relevant units of the school for their care and assistance to foreign teachers and students. She said: “As a foreigner, who have lived in China for a long time, they have regarded China as our second home, and we have fallen in love and got used to Chinese traditions and festivals. The Mid-Autumn Festival has occupied a special place in our hearts. Although we are far away from our hometowns and our relatives, China has accepted us cordially, and our University has created a warm environment for us to feel as at home.

At the Meeting, the relevant person in charge of the International Exchange and Cooperation Office held safety education and training for foreign teachers and students, and the heads of various departments communicated with foreign teachers and students on work, study and life issues.

Office of Human Resources, International Exchange and Cooperation Office, International Education College, Foreign Language College, Energy and Machinery College, foreign teachers and students from Russia, Ukraine, Jamaica, Sudan and Bangladesh attended the meeting.