School of Textile and Clothing

The major of Fashion Design and Engineering is a national specialty and a first-rate major. The discipline of Fashion Design and Engineering is a key one in Shandong Province. It has established friendly cooperative relations with relavant well-known universities in South Korea and Russia, with exchanged visits and students for many times.

Department of College Foreign Language Teaching

The  Department of College Foreign Language Teaching is mainly responsible for College English teaching of the whole university, and has achieved excellent results in teaching, scientific research, talent training, base construction, international communication, and social services.

School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

The School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering has 11 professors, 41 doctors, 1 special allowance winner of the State Council, and 1 provincial outstanding-contribution expert. It has four undergraduate majors, one provincial first-class major, and one provincial high-level application-oriented major group. It has jointly trained more than 30 master students with other universities, and built a municipal engineering laboratory.

School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

The School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering currently has four undergraduate majors, which are high-level application-oriented construction majors (group) of Shandong Province. The school is mainly committed to the research and technological promotion in the fields of clean energy utilization technology, energy-saving and environmental-protection equipment, and intelligent equipment manufacturing.

School of Educational Science

There are two majors: Preschool Education and Primary Education. Among the teaching staff, professors and associate professors account for 46.4%, and the passing rate of teachers' qualifications for normal students is up to 98%. The Preschool Education major was selected as the first-class construction major in Shandong Province in 2019. The application rate and postgraduate entrance examination pass-rate for the Primary Education major are among the best in the university.

School of Economics and Management

The School of Economics and Management has four majors: International Economics and Trade, Business Management, Accounting and Marketing. Accounting is a provincial first-class undergraduate major under construction. The school has positioned itself towards the "Three-Oriented" professional talent training goals, focusing on the two provincial-level projects of entrepreneurship education and food economic management, condensing professional characteristics and building disciplinary advantages. With entrepreneurship education as the guide and food industry as the carrier,  it has gradually formed the school-running mode and characteristics of management serving teaching and scientific research  driving teaching.

School of History and Social Management

The School of History and Social Management has two undergraduate majors in History (Normal) and Public Service Administration, one major for associate degree in Public Affairs Management, and one in Public Affairs Management (New Media Management). The Dezhou Regional Culture Research Center is a research base for humanities and social sciences during the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" period in Shandong Province. The center has made remarkable achievements in the study of Dezhou's characteristic culture.

School of Marxism

The Marxism School is a "Shandong Provincial Model Marxism School". The undergraduate major of ideological and political education is a specialty of Shandong Province, a first-rate major. The discipline of Marxist theory is the university's master's degree construction point.

School of Fine Arts

The School of Fine Arts has three undergraduate majors: Fine Arts (Normal), Environmental Design, and Visual Communication Design. There are 11 or more associate professors, 4 PhDs or doctoral candidates.

School of Automotive Engineering

The school has three undergraduate majors and two majors for associate degree, focusing on four disciplines of the  research and development of new energy vehicle power battery and its integrated power control, carbon fiber composite material testing technology, and NVH research.

School of Life Sciences

The School of Life Sciences has 20 professors and associate professors, 23 teachers with doctorate degrees. It has Shandong Province Key Laboratory of Functional Macromolecular Biophysics and two  provincial experimental platforms for the use and development of functional biological resources. In the past three years, it has undertaken 18 national and provincial scientific research projects and published more than 300 academic papers, of which more than 90 have been retrieved by SCI and EI.

School of Ecology and Landscape Architecture

The school has 2 professors, 28 associate professors, and 19 teachers with doctorate degree. There are five undergraduate majors of Environmental Design (Landscape Design), Landscape Gardening, Horticulture, Urban and Rural Planning, and Eengineering Management. The majors cover four disciplines: agronomy, art, engineering, and management.

School of Mathematical Sciences

The School of Mathematical Sciences has the following  majors:  Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, Information and Computing Science, Applied Statistics, Data Science and Big Data Technology. The school adheres to the professional construction concept of "strengthening the foundation of mathematics, giving consideration to interdisciplinary study of different disciplines, and focusing on innovative applications".

School of Physical Education

The School of Physical Education currently has two undergraduate programs in Physical Education and Social Sports Guidance and Management. There are 4 professors, 36 associate professors, and 2 doctors. This school has three laboratories and one reference room. Besides there are two standard track-and-field grounds and one comprehensive training gym.

School of Foreign Languages

The School of Foreign Languages offers undergraduate majors in English (normal), Business English, Japanese, and Russian, and one major for associate degree in English education (normal). There are 16 professors and associate professors, and 9 doctors. This school has established a research center for overseas communication of traditional Chinese culture on the base of cooperation between Dezhou University and University of Chester.

School of Chinese Literature

The school has three majors: Chinese Language and Literature, Chinese International Education, and Journalism. A multi-level school structure has been formed in which undergraduate education, graduate education, and international student education go hand in hand.

School of Physics and Electronic Information

The School of Physics and Electronic Information currently has three undergraduate majors in Physics, Electronic Information Engineering, and Internet of Things Engineering. The school also has a university-enterprise cooperation undergraduate program in Internet of Things Engineering (mobile Internet).

School of Information Management

There are four departments under the School of Information Management. There are four undergraduate majors in Computer Science and Technology, Network Engineering, Software Engineering, and Information Management and Information Systems. Our graduates have broad employment prospects.

School of Medicine and Nursing

The School of Medicine and Nursing has three undergraduate majors in Nursing, Pharmaceutical Engineering, and Biopharmaceuticals, and two majors for associate degree in Nursing and Stomatology. It has one Shandong Province Engineering Laboratory.

School of Music

The School of Music has a Department of Musicology, a Department of Music Performance, a Center for Music Teaching Practice, and a Research Center for Regional Music and Culture in the North of Shandong Province.

School of Political Science and Law

The School of Political Science and Law has two teaching departments in Law and Administration, and a practice teaching center. There are five teaching and research sections in Politics, Civil and Commercial Economic Law, Constitutionalism and Criminal Law, Education Administration, Social Development and Public Policy.

School of Resources, Environment and Planning

The school has 3 professors and 16 doctors and has published more than 150 core journal papers (including 7 SCI papers), 8 monographs and 8 textbooks. And it has chaired and participated in 5 National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC).

School of Vocational Education
Institute of Biophysics
Institute of Applied Technology
Institute of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Coordinated Development