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Alma Mater in My Eyes

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In order to greet and celebrate Dezhou University 50th anniversary, our students filmed and recorded their campus life with the theme of "Alma Mater in My Eyes" and presented gifts to their alma mater 50th anniversary. In the same school but everyone has different feelings and perspectives. Let's see how Business English students at Dezhou University describe their alma mater in their hearts and express their deepest gratitude and blessing.

01 Dedicated to Ordinary People of Dezhou University

Where there are people, there is a story.

02 Her Culture

Looking to the future.

03 Her Fashion

Encounter is like the meeting of clouds and the sea, with pure white and the depth of the sea.

04 She Wandering in Four Seasons

Spring is fresh and joyous, summer is hot and passionate, autumn is mild and gentle and winter brings purity and silence.

05 Her Vitality

Youth is like the early spring, fresh and vibrant.

06 Her Youth

Since I leave for a faraway place, I'll do nothing but trek night and day.

Hereby, the students of the Foreign Languages College wish their alma mater a happy 50th birthday.

Happy 50th Anniversary to Our University!