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Dezhou University Opens the 2020 Tech-Art Festival and Launches the "Lighting up the Alumni Map" Campaign

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We have forged ahead with concerted effort and continued growth despite wind and rain. May 11 marks the 49th anniversary of Dezhou University. DZU held the opening ceremony of its 2020 Tech-Art Festival and launched the "Lighting up the Alumni Map" campaign at the West Campus Music Hall. Chief leaders of DZU including Che Bin, Zhao Shengcun, Wang Jinli, Zhang Mingzheng, Chi Yijun, Liu Jiquan, Li Yongping, Zhang Cunfeng, Xu Jing, Yang Enhong and Ren Lichun, and Liang Lixia, an representative of the alumni and chairman of Liangzi Black Pottery Culture Co., Ltd., attended the event.

Che Bin, Zhao Shengcun and Liang Lixia jointly launched the 2020 Tech-Art Festival of Dezhou University.

Zhao Shengcun delivered an opening speech. He said that the Tech-Art Festival is an important opportunity to cultivate talents and to improve the students' comprehensive qualities. It is of great significance for enriching the cultural connotation of DZU, improving the scientific and technological literacy of teachers and students, and inspiring their enthusiasm for work. Long distance cannot keep our friendship apart. DZU always cares about every alumnus. DZU is always with you. If you are safe and sound, your alma mater will be so, too. After the pandemic, we are waiting for every of you to return to the campus safely and healthily. Let us look forward to the time when the campus will be full of the sound of reading and full of vitality.

Professor Krzysztof Wilde, Rector of Gdansk University of Technology in Poland, delivered a speech as a representative of our cooperative universities abroad. He said that the new era had entrusted us with new missions, new opportunities and new challenges, and he hoped that the two universities would work together for a new page of cooperation.

Vladislav A. Kuchmistyy, Vice-Rector of Belgorod State University, Russia, also delivered a speech as a representative of our cooperative universities abroad. He said that China and Russia are friendly neighbors linked together by mountains and rivers, and the friendship between the people of China and Russia has a long history. It is hoped that the two universities will continue to expand their cooperation in educational and scientific activities and contribute to the development and prosperity of the two countries.

In her speech, Liang Lixia said that DZU not only taught her knowledge and skills, but also gave her more experiences and food for thought through its colorful scientific, technological, cultural activities and social practices. She hoped that the students would cherish the precious time of studying on campus and actively participate in scientific, technological, cultural activities to enlighten their wisdom and realize their dreams.

Zhang Nan, a student from the School of Foreign Languages who came to DZU in 2017, said that as university students in the new era, it is necessary for us to adhere to the unity of knowing and doing, attach importance to learning professional knowledge, honing our will and training our skills. She wished the students would benefit a lot from the Tech-Art Festival with the spirit of ownership and a pragmatic attitude.

The performance at the opening ceremony started with the "cloud" dance of "Sunshine in the Heart". The "Three Stanzas of Plum-blossoms”, an instrumental ensemble played by some teachers, showed the noble character of plum blossoms -- not afraid of coldness and loneliness. During the "Lighting up the Alumni Map" campaign, 140,000 alumni expressed their best wishes for the 50th anniversary of their alma mater. In the "cloud" chorus "Looking up at the Stars" and "cloud" recitation "The 100 Things I Want to Do in DZU", students expressed their affection for the campus life. A solo named "Tale of Springtime" pushed the performance to the climax. Finally, the performance concluded in the "cloud" blessing given by the students.

This year's Tech-Art Festival, with the theme of "Internalizing Patriotism and Passing on the Red Gene", with patriotism education as the core and ideological and political education as the main line, consists of 5 sections and 27 campus activities. Through these high-quality campus cultural activities, the Festival aims to strengthen the education in patriotism, social responsibility for teachers and students, enhance the relevance and affinity of ideological and political education and inject new vitality to our campus culture.

Heads of relevant functional departments, Party branch secretaries and deputy secretaries, League branch secretaries, and counsellors from the schools of DZU participated in the activities.