School Held Teacher's Day Meeting Celebrating for Foreign Teachers

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On the afternoon of September 10th, the Teacher’s Day Meeting Celebrating for Foreign Teachers was held in the sixth meeting room of Houde Building.

At the meeting, Li Yongping first extended greetings and best wishes to foreign teachers on behalf of the school, and expressed gratitude to the foreign teachers for their positive contributions to the school, and fully affirmed the teachers' active cooperation in the school's epidemic prevention and control work. He pointed out that foreign teachers are an important force for school development and a part of the school's teaching staff. The school has always insisted on opening up schools, continuously introducing high-level talents, and promoting international exchanges and cooperation in an all-round way. The school strives to provide the best environment and conditions for each teacher and student for work and study. In less than two months of the summer vacation, the school campus environment and infrastructure have undergone great changes. Li Yongping hoped that foreign teachers can live and work comfortably and joyfully, continue to advise and provide valuable experience for the development of the school’s various undertakings.

Before the meeting, foreign teachers visited the newly built School History Museum, dining hall, Student’s Life Service Center, Zhixin Lake and other facilities. Foreign teachers expressed that they have truly felt the rapid changes and prosperity of the school. They felt very satisfied with good created environment and had confidence in the development of the school.