Working Together to Fight the Epidemic, Guarding "My Home" with Heart—Foreigners at Dezhou University in Action

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On February 10th, Office of International Exchange and Cooperation received a special gift, a work entitled "Stay strong Wuhan, stay strong China!" by a foreign teacher Milava from Russia and her six-year-old son Dabao. “Be safe!”.She thanked Dezhou University for taking care of her and her family during the COVID-19 outbreak, and encouraged everyone to work together and support each other. She said sincerely, "I believe the Chinese people will be able to weather the crisis and spring is coming to us. Dezhou University is our home, and we are here with you, waiting for the end of the COVID-19 outbreak."

All foreign personnel of Dezhou University have been in close contact with the teachers of the Office of International Exchange and Cooperation since the outbreak. Every day they receive notifications from the university through WeChat groups, phone calls, text messages, etc., including Chinese-English Bilingual handbook on epidemic prevention and control, "Dezhou University Proposal for All Foreigners" in Chinese, English and Russian, and actively cooperate with the Office of International Exchange and Cooperation to report on the health conditions of themselves and their families on time. At the same time, they also root for China by sending messages to their circle of friends and so on.

Foreign doctors from Sudan, Pakistan, Nigeria, Jamaica and other countries, as well as foreign students from Thailand, South Korea, Russia, Bangladesh said, they "admire the solidarity of the Chinese people! China has set an example for the world. We will unite with China and continue to fight against the coronavirus."

Facing the sudden outbreak of COVID-19, Dezhou University deeply understood the severity and complexity of the epidemic prevention and control, and its importance and urgency. Under the guidance of the Provincial Foreign Affairs Office and the International Division of the Provicial Education Department, it has quickly Initiated emergency plans of epidemic prevention and control for foreign personnel, completed trip survey for foreign personnel at DZU in a timely manner, and established health records for foreign personnel. The Office of International Exchange and Cooperation cooperates closely with the Personnel Office, Logistics Division, Security Office, and all the schools. Multiple measures have been taken to provide service assurance for the foreign personnel, to guide them to take science-based measures, and to systematically conduct the epidemic prevention and control for foreign personnel.