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The School Held the Online Meeting of Joint Management Committee of 2020 MoE China-Poland Joint Education Program in Energy and Power Engineering

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On November 9th the school held the first online meeting of Joint Management Committee of 2020 MoE China-Poland Joint Education Program in Energy and Power Engineering. President Zhao Shengcun, Vice-PresidentLi Yongping, Vice-Rector of Gdansk University of Technology Janusz Niznanski attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Li Yongping.

Zhao Shengcun expressed his gratitude to Gdansk University of Technology for its efforts and contributions to the China-Poland MoE joint education program. He said in his speech that Dezhou University attaches great importance to cooperation with Gdansk University of Technology, and that over the past six years, the two universities have made remarkable achievements in credit transfer, teachers exchange, Erasmus project, joint cultivation of Master's students, publication of scientific research papers, and establishment of joint laboratory for mechanical engineering. In 2020, the successful approval of MoE Energy and Power Engineering education programmarks a new level of cooperation between the two universities. We hope that under the new situation, the two schools will jointly implement the project, constantly explore new ideas and measures to improve the quality of personnel training and continuously expand the cooperation between the two schools. Also, we will jointly make the project a model of China-Poland higher education cooperation and contribute to the educational exchanges and cooperation between China and Poland.

Janusz Niznanski congratulated the successful approval of MoE joint education program, saying that this is the first MoE China-Poland joint education cooperation project in northern Poland. It is of great significance to the higher education exchanges between China and Poland and is a milestone in the history of Gdansk University of Technology. They will work with Dezhou University to ensure the high level of educational quality, and strive to achieve mutual benefit and win-win cooperation in running the program.

Li Yongping announced the formation of Joint Management Committee of China-Poland Joint Education Program in Energy and Power Engineering and hope that the meeting of the Joint Management Committee will effectively solve the problems encountered in the operationand promote the sustainable development of the project.

At the meeting, the heads of Academic Teaching Affairs Office, International Exchange and Cooperation Office, and Energy and Machinery College discussed the staff responsibilities, establishment of weChat working group, enrollment promotion, teaching materials and teachers team etc.