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School Held a Grand Opening Ceremony for 2020 Freshmen

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On September 17, the Opening Ceremony of the 2020 Freshmen was held in the stadium. The opening ceremony began with the solemn national anthem.

The President Zhao Shengcun extended a warm welcome to 6,593 new students from all over the country and encouraged them to work hard to get through. He said that the university is not the Garden of Eden, but the refinery of life. Achievements are all made byhard work. Only by working hard at university, sharpening yourself, tempering skills, learning knowledge, and gaining true knowledge can you truly grow into a useful talent.

Zhu Cuiping, outstanding alumni representatives, class of 2000 Chinese language and literature student, doctor of literature from Renmin University of China, and a postdoctoral fellow of Chinese language and philology at Beijing Normal University, shared her learning journey. She encouraged new students to cherish the good time, cherish the teacher’s sincere teaching, and go far. Forge ahead, let struggle become the most beautiful background of college life.

Zhang Lin, teacher representative from the School of Medicine and Nursing urged the students to be friendly independent people, intelligent people who are good at learning, and dream-catchers with clear goals. ALI SYED MOHSIN, a foreign teacher representative, said that students should cherish this time to learn and apply that knowledge well. Develop the worldly skills, only in this way can student ssucceed at a global level and createa better and brighter tomorrow.

Zhang Nan, a student representative from the School of Foreign Languages, said that new students should seize their time in college and work hard to fulfill their dreams. Yang Xiao, a freshman representative from the School of Economics and Management, said that he would live up to the instructions of his teachers and seniors, study cultural knowledge assiduously, and work hard to pursue dreams.

All the freshmen took the oath of admission, saying that they will bearin mind the school motto and live up to the mission of the times.