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The Institute of Astronomical Sciences Held an Online Academic Seminar

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On March 22, the Institute of Astronomical Sciences organized an online academic seminar through Zoom conference system. Over 30 experts, scholars, professionals and postgraduate students from the National Space Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing Normal University, Sichuan University, Nanjing PLA Army Engineering University, Qilu Normal University, and the Institute of Astronomical Sciences participated in the seminar. It was chaired by Professor Zhang Tongjie, a Ph.D. Supervisor from Beijing Normal University, and a specially-appointed professor of DZU as a "Tianqu Talent".

At the seminar, Wang Hongfeng, a teacher of the School of Information Management and also a doctoral candidate at Beijing Normal University, gave a report entitled "Pulsar Search Method Based on Machine Learning". The report focused on four aspects: radio frequency interference cancellation method based on pseudo-inverse auto-encoder, pulsar search method based on integrated network, pulsar search method based on integrated convolutional neural network, and design and implementation of pulsar signal screening system. After the report, the participants had an in-depth discussion and exchange on the application of machine learning in astronomical sciences.

Finally, Professor Zhang Tongjie made a summary of the discussion. He introduced the recent work arrangement of the Institute of Astronomical Sciences and the construction plan of the FAST data center. He urged all the members of the Institute to continue their research while protecting themselves from contracting COVID-19, and constantly improve their academic level and capabilities. He said that similar academic exchanges would be organized regularly, hoping to promote the overall academic level of the Institute of Astronomical Sciences to a new level through studies and discussions.