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The School of Foreign Languages Held a Lecture on Japanese Culture

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On December 12, the School of Foreign Languages held a lecture on Japanese culture in classroom 270 of Bowen Building. This lecture was hosted by Ms. Shao Feng from the School of Foreign Languages, and lectured by Ms. Atami and Mr. Huang Ridong from Kobe Toyo Japanese College. All Japanese majors of all grades participated in the lecture.

At the beginning of the lecture, Ms. Shao gave a brief introduction of Ms. Atami and Mr. Huang. Then Ms. Atami introduced the special food, local customs and surrounding landscape of Kobe, Japan with the help of a PPT, and compared Japanese soy sauce noodles with Chinese marinated noodles. Afterwards, the students asked her questions about Japanese university life, how to pick a major when they go to Japanese universities. Ms. Atami gave detailed instructions and answers one by one, and presented gifts to the students. The atmosphere of the lecture was active and harmonious.

After learning about Japanese customs and culture, Mr. Huang Ridong introduced Kobe Toyo Japanese College in terms of the enrollment rate, teachers, and the cost of studying abroad, which provided more information for students who intend to study or work in Japan.