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The School of Life Sciences Held a Lecture on "Multi-omics Research and Application of High-Throughput Sequencing Technology Assisting Life Sciences"

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On the morning of November 14, co-sponsored by the School of Life Sciences, the Institute of Biophysics, the Office of Scientific Research, and Nuohe Zhiyuan Technology Co., Ltd., a lecture entitled "Research and Application on High-Throughput Sequencing Technology Assisting Multi-omics in Life Sciences" was held in Recording Room 413, Houde Building, Dezhou University. Teachers from the School of Life Sciences and the Institute of Biophysics and students majored in the bioinformatics attended the lecture.

The lecture consisted of two parts. First of all, Han Dongdong, a senior engineer of Nuohe Zhiyuan, introduced the application of high-throughput sequencing hotspot technology. He introduced in detail high-throughput sequencing technologies, such as full transcriptome sequencing, table observation sequence and translation group sequencing, interpretation of the latest classic research literature in the field of animals, plants, and microbiology, as well as scientific research ideas and technical plans for high-throughput sequencing research. Secondly, he introduced the historical development of Beijing Nuohe Zhiyuan Technology Co., Ltd. and its main business areas.

After the lecture, the teachers and students raised questions, and the lecturer answered and discussed in depth one by one, which was very rewarding and beneficial. In the end, the lecture was completed successfully with applause from the teachers and students.