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School of Textile and Clothing Holds an Academic Report on "Surface/Interface of Materials and Lubrication"

Article author:

On the afternoon of October 15th, Qu Minghai, deputy dean of the School of Textile and Clothing, gave an academic report entitled "Surface/Interface of Materials and Lubrication" in Room 4018, Qizhi Building. This was his main research achievement when he was a visiting scholar at Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

The report mainly introduces the two concepts of "ureidoimidazole-containing ionic liquid" and "bionic surface structured double-layer hydrogel". Ionic liquids, also called room-temperature molten salts, are salts composed entirely of anions and cations, and are liquid at or near room temperature. Ionic liquids are low volatility, non-flammability, low vapor pressure, and high thermal stability. Hydrogels are typically a type of functional polymer material with a three-dimensional network structure formed by connecting hydrophilic polymer chains by means of chemical cross-linking, physical cross-linking, or multiple cross-linking coexistence. The three-dimensional network has the quality of "soft" and "wet" because it is filled with a large amount of water medium. The excellent performance of both indicates its huge applicable potential. The large amount of experimental data and reasonable mechanism analysis in the report reveal the hard working and thinking of the reporter during his visit. Finally, the lecturer reported his learning experience during the visit and his plans for future work.

All the teachers of the School of Textile and Clothing listened to the report.